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Our Calendar of Events

The Common has a rhythm of meetings which focus UP, IN & OUT

Jesus lived this 3 dimensional life- UP with the Father, IN with his disciples and OUT with the world.  

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Sunday of the month

Way of gathering three: IN

It is called an IN because while our focus is always aiming to be on God, we recognise that loving one another as he loved us requires us to take the time to be together and share our lives.

Our IN time meets at 4pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month and also on the months there is a fifth Sunday. We meet in smaller spaces called "missional communities" on these days. 

It may involve a shared meal, sharing lives, celebrating friends and engaging in some faith practices.

A Missional Community consists of 15-30 people.


2nd & 4th 

Sundays of the month

Way of gathering two: UP

An UP is what many think of as "church". We call it UP as it directs our focus upwards, to God. 

It is where our smaller groups (Missional Communities) come together for corporate worship. 

The Common runs these gatherings on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 4pm. 

We meet at Willagee Community Centre.

We share food, read the Bible, celebrate the Lord's Supper, listen to sermon, pray, sing and play together.




of the month

Way of gathering one: OUT

The scattering part is called an OUT.

This is the where bringing the good news of Jesus to the city of Melville happens, loving through empowerment, service and care. We are doing this corporately through our Missional Communities OUT's. We also train and encourage people in how to reach out to people with the Gospel, gather communities together and train others to do the same. We meet in smaller groups at this time, we call them missional communities. 

A Missional Community consists of 15-30 people.


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