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Meeting up in smaller groups

We have discipleship groups running throughout the week. All of these groups have a vision to multiply and grow. Some groups identify as "church starts" while others are specific in their purpose. We are always keen to meet up and read the bible with you.  So get in touch! Some of our existing groups have now launched new groups from them. This multiplication means there are new groups that are not strictly part of the corporate gathering/family but are connected to us. This is super exciting as new leaders are raised up and new groups/MC's/churches

are launched and established.  



A group designed for women who have experienced domestic violence.


D Group 

This group meets every week. It exists to grow in faith and share it with others. We are currently looking at Isaiah

To find out more you can email Jane

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Bible Reading Group 

This group meets weekly. It exists to learn how to read Gods word and how to implement it into day to day life. 



This group meets fortnightly to pray for The Common and the city of Melville



Farmers is a group that is focused on youth and young adults. It is has some adult supervision but it is completely peer led. It sees itself as a "church start". It joins in with corporate gatherings of The Common but meets weekly for church and social gatherings. 

To find out more you can email James

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