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This is who we are 

We are a church without a building. We organise ourselves around a Missional Community model and meet in these as the church twice a month (1st and 3rd Sundays) . We  also gather all together for corporate worship twice a month (2nd & 4th Sundays, check out our calendar) in the Willagee Community centre @4pm. We are a family on mission, a group of people committed to following Jesus and bringing the good news of God's love to the City of Melville and beyond.  


WHO we are

We are a gathering of people who aim to not take ourselves too seriously, yet we are very serious about Jesus, His word, sound doctrine and practice.

We love the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are also serious about the people in the city of Melville and Perth meeting Jesus and having their lives transformed through His great love.

We are a church that gathers and scatters

We meet in different ways, in a variety of settings, within a consistent rhythm.

We are a church who is passionate about church planting and multiplication of disciples and disciple-makers. 

We are connected to the "City to City Church Planting Network Australia".

WHAT we believe
The Common Church holds to an orthodox Christian belief. The Bible is the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God and The Common Church upholds the Bible as its authoritative text for teaching, governance and training. The Common Church stands in the creedal tradition of the universal church and upholds the main creeds of the church: Nicene, Athanasius, Apostles and Chalcedonian creeds.
WHY we do what we do
We are a church who wants to plant churches in all different forms. We have begun structuring ourselves for this to occur.
We have started two new middle sized groups that we call "missional communities". 
We have also started several new smaller groups where non Christians and new believers read the Bible and reach out to others who have not heard the Gospel. We do all this because we believe that dynamic church planting is the best way for people to come to know Jesus. 
HOW we do mission 

Corporately we reach out to our local community on the first Sunday of each month. We train in how we can share our testimonies effectively and simply share the gospel. We believe in compassionate community work and development. We are in the early stages of discerning the most effective mercy ministries. 

We also engage in mission in pairs and individually throughout the week. Our smaller groups encourage people to engage with those who are far from God.

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